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GR8 Sales Solutions

Our sales training solutions is to support your sales team to improve their ability to close more sales and to teach them new sales behaviours, which they turn into daily sales routines. Over time these will become their new Sales Success Habits, which will enable them to perform all the crucial sales activities they need to perform on autopilot. We offer a verity of sales solutions that best fit you and your company.

Sales Plans

We can create and implement a new Sales Plan for your organization, which is both practical and inspirational. This blueprint for sales success, will guide your sales team to not only know what they need to do, but also one that outlines “How they should go about doing it”. We create and develop your new sales plan to ensure that it is aligned with any new market trends, needs and expectations. These plans break complex processes back into a practical handbooks for sustainable, long-term sales success.

Motivational Sales Speakers

At Encore Group, all of our industry leading Motivational Speakers and Motivational Trainers, believe that they can make your tomorrow better. We achieve this by supporting both you and your team with life changing motivational presentations and workshops, which will guide both you and them, to reawaken your drive and passion for success once again. This will allow all of you to once again become re-energised and passionate, so that you can optimise your performance and results.

GR8 Sales Solutions

Each “Sales Training Solution” your sales team attends is, effective, powerful and meaty. They are simple, engaging and interactive, but never simplistic. They’re designed to give your sales professionals a highly potent dose of targeted sales training, and then to quickly get them back to their real job – selling!
Our gradual approach to sales training, allows the sales team to actually learn, organise and apply the knowledge and skills they learn. They learn an optimal number of new behaviours at each workshop and then cement this knowledge once the workshop is over, with audio books, Online Sales Training and other support mechanisms.

1 – 2 Day Sales Training

If your organization needs a more comprehensive sales training solution, which includes classroom based training, that will support your sales team to optimize their sales performance and results, then our one or two day sales training solutions are the right choice for you.

3 Month Sales Training

Our three-month sales training solution has proven to so effective that we now offer 100% money back guarantee. If your sales team engages with all the tools provided in the “Three Month Sales Training Solution” and they do not improve their sales performance and results, we will refund 100% of your “Sales Training” investment.

Long-term Sales Training

When they attend one of our extended sales training solutions, they will learn all the hard selling skills they need, as described above and we will also support them to optimize their EQ selling skills.

Online Sales Training

If you have a sales team that cannot afford to be away from the office to attend any face-to-face sales training workshops, then this is the perfect Sales training Solution for you.

Sales Plan

When we develop your blueprint for success or your new Sales Plan, we first take a thorough look at your current Sales Plan and Sales Process, by conducting an effective SWOT analysis, of both. This is a crucial first step to ensure that:

  • We can mitigate challenges
  • Exploit opportunities
  • Take advantage of your strengths and work around or strengthen any weaknesses you may have in these areas.
We believe that if we want to achieve a sustainable improvement in sales, we need to create an effective map or blue print, which will guide your sales team, showing them how to achieve the sales outcomes you desire. This plan breaks a complex process back into a practical handbook for sustainable, long-term sales success.

Motivational Sales Speakers

Keynote Presentation

Our One Day Keynote Presentation is to help all attendees discover the underlying reasons for their lack of motivation, so that they can start to make the crucial shift necessary to re-ignite the fire of inspiration in their bellies once again.

Motivational Workshops

In our Motivational Workshops we will highlight a few simple, yet extremely effective ideas, which will help everyone make the crucial shift from being overwhelmed to acceptance, understanding and finally manageability. This will help all team members to re-discover their passion and purpose once again.

Three-Month Motivational Program

Our three-month motivational program consists of, six powerful and meaty modules, designed to give you a highly potent dose of motivation, in small powerful sessions, to help you improve your level of motivation and re-energise your team.

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