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We successfully teach, practical sales training solutions that work.

  • Is your Sales Teams performance below expectations or is your competition outselling you, even though you have excellent products and services?
  • Would you like to grow your sales and profitability, dramatically and improve your Sales Teams performance and results?
  • Are you looking for industry leading Sales Training, which teaches your sales team to develop new sales success habits?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place. We offer industry leading sales training that will teach your sales team, all the Sales Skills they need to optimise their ability to create an effective sales network, communicate their value effectively and ultimately to close far more sales.

Tailored Sales Training Solutions

• We deliver industry leading “Tailored Sales Training Solutions”, which inspire, encourage, engage, educate and support sales teams to develop a new set of “Sales Success Habits”.

• This is achieved by first converting “What” you want in terms of sales value or volume into a “Predictable Sales Process” or recipe for sales success. A Sales Process outlines “How” your sales team will achieve the sales outcomes you want. This is effectively an outline of the daily behaviours, which when carried out daily by your sales team, will help them to smash their sales targets.

• Your Sales Process, defines the tools, we need to place in your sales team toolbox for ongoing sales success. Once we have these tools(techniques and sales skills clearly defined), we then utilize our innovative learner delivery methodology to support your sales team members to convert these tools, techniques and sales skills into new daily sales behaviours.

• Utilising various methods, such SMS reminders, email reminders, accountability partnerships and daily inspirational messages, we remind your sales team to perform these behaviours, until they become their new daily “Sales Routines”. We then support your sales team to perform these ROUTINES daily for a minimum of 66 days. Research shows that, when you perform a routine daily for 66 days, that routine becomes an entrenched “Sales Success Habit Set”.

• This means that after 66 days, your sales team will be performing the right sales behaviours on autopilot. They will carry out all their daily “Sales Routines”, which they need to perform daily, to achieve their sales targets. All without having to think about it.

What we offer

1 – 2 Day Sales Training Workshop

Our One to two day Sales Training workshops will optimise your “Sales Tomorrow”, by equipping your sales team, with all the basic sales skills they need, to become top sales performers.

3-Month Sales Training Solution

Industry leading, life changing, sales intensive 3 month interactive Sales Training Solution, to create the sales tomorrow, you have only dared dream about, until now..

Long-term Sales Training

Our solutions are designed to support your sales team to optimize their hard and soft or EQ sales skills…

Online Sales Training Solution

We provide you with stimulating, industry leading, interactive Online Sales Trainingsolutions, which are accessible to you 24-7-365

We also offer

EQ Training

• Our EQ training supports your sales team to understand their customers and prospects thinking and personality styles, which allows them to demonstrate meaningful value to them in terms, which are understandable to their prospects and customers.

• As we support your sales team to optimize their EQ, they learn to evaluate their prospects thinking and personality styles, so that they can adjust their selling style to create rapport and trust with their customers and prospects

• Our EQ training supports your sales team to become more creative thinkers, where they actively seek out effective solutions for their customers and prospects.

• They learn how to read and connect with their customers and prospects by paying attention to non-verbal queues, such as a shift in body language or a change in a prospects tone of voice.

• Your sales team will also learn to become more attentive and focused during sales meetings

• We train your sales team to understand negative triggers and how best to mitigate or neutralize them.

• We train your sales team how to make their customers and prospects feel safe in any sales encounter.

• This helps them to more effectively gather the required information, needed to identify appropriate solutions.

• Customers and prospects feel more in control and they more readily engage in open conversation.

Sales Leadership Training

Our philosophy, when we conduct any leadership training with an organisation, is targeted towards, helping your organization improve the quality of your sales leadership and to promote successful teamwork within your organization. This is achieved through on-going growth and development of your sales leaders, so that they are equipped to liberate your people, providing them with meaningful guidance, support and direction on an ongoing basis.

a nutshell our Leadership Training Solutions are about training leaders and potential leaders, to facilitate positive change through people. Our leadership training solutions seek to unlock real leadership, where leaders allow their teams to deliver their best by instilling a modality of:

"Let’s Go Do It" rather than one of "You better go and do it".

Our programs are carefully designed to guide leaders to understand the power of influence and how to use this as a powerful leadership tool. Our leadership training solutions help grow leaders and guide them to develop a clear vision, which is clearly communicated to all stakeholders. This clarity of vision and understanding allows everyone to be working towards a common cause and pulling in a common direction.

We deliver Practical Leadership Training, which is simple to understand, easy to use and implement on the job. Our training supports leaders to deliver meaningful team engagement and improved team performance and results.

The practical tools and leadership techniques, taught, in our leadership solutions, make this a very effective system for leaders to support their sales teams to optimise their ability to positively influence their followers to perform optimally.

This workshop will give your leadership team all the information and techniques they need to develop their own leadership style. This will support them to replace their current ineffective leadership habits, which may be limiting them and holding them away from achieving their leadership or personal.

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