Sales Plans

Sales Plan

If required we can create and implement a new Sales Plan for your organization, which is both practical and inspirational. This blueprint for sales success, will guide your sales team to not only know what they need to do, but also one that outlines “How they should go about doing it".

When we develop your blueprint for success or your new Sales Plan, we first take a thorough look at your current Sales Plan and Sales Process, by conducting an effective SWOT analysis, of both.

This is a crucial first step to ensure that we can mitigate challenges, exploit opportunities, take advantage of your strengths and work around or strengthen any weaknesses you may have in these areas.

As we create and develop your new sales plan we need to ensure that it is aligned with any new market trends, needs and expectations.

We believe that if we want to achieve a sustainable improvement in sales, we need to create an effective map or blue print, which will guide your sales team, showing them how to achieve the sales outcomes you desire. This plan breaks a complex process back into a practical handbook for sustainable, long-term sales success.

Sales Process

Once the “battle plan”(Sales Plan) has been drafted, the next step will be to formalize and document an effective Sales Process for your organization.

We also design Predictable Sales Processes for organisations. This is effectively your “Recipe for Sales Success”, which outlines “How” your sales team will achieve the desired sales outcomes. This process outlines “How” each individual involved in each sales process, will achieve the sales outcomes you desire.

What we offer

A winning sales process outlines the following:

  • “How to” acquire customers strategically
  • “How to” provide your customers with an unforgettable customer experience on an ongoing basis
  • “How to” close more sales
An effective sales process simply defines all the steps that should be taken, and checks and balances that should be achieved, to effectively prospect, “WOW” your customers and make a successful sale. International research has conclusively proven that organisation’s with a well-defined sales process, which is systematically and consistently followed by their sales teams, achieve much higher than average results on a number of measures, including sales revenues, average profit margins, shortened sales cycles, forecasted deal win ratio’s, etc. Once we have the right tools to place in your sales teams toolbox, training them is simple.

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